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TREE CONNECTIONS, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, with headquarters in New York City, is a talent agency and boutique designed by a group of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and digital ecosystem, designed to provide solutions to talents and brands in the content creation, advertising, video production, web positioning, public relations and responsible and effective management processes of social networks.

Effective connections
for brands and talents.


Arts & entertainment.

Kerly Ruiz

TV Host & Model

Desiree Osalswach

News Anchor & Model

Adriana Sánchez

TV Host & Actress

Jasmina Marazita

TV Host & News Anchor


Producer and Musician

Mily Ajo

Beauty artist & Entrepreneur

J.O Music

Singer and Musician

Erika Csiszer

Tv Host and Content Creator

Lisandra Delgado



Journalist & Reporter

David Arce

Video producer

Oscar Ponce

Music producer

Barbie Muriel

Model & reporter

Julián Pérez

Influencer & content creator


Tv host and model

Claudia Castro


Tania Victoria Marín


Annie Espejo

Influencer & content creator

Vicky Alvarez

Beauty Artist

Bryan Bonilla

Beauty Artist

Barbara Castellanos



Professional Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Jaime Suarez

Entrepreneur & Lawyer

Katherin Fernandez

Interior Designer & Entrepreneur

Dr. David Hernandez

Health coach

Roy Chinchilla

Entrepreneur and Executive Producer

Henderson Gonzalez

Artistic baker

Mago visual

Film maker

Jeison Copete

Chef & influencer

Barbara Moreno Oviedo

Autor & couch

Guillermo Rodríguez Navarrete


Yilaidis Villalobos & Mario García Cáceres

Doctors & influencers

Juan Luis Liranzo

Doctors & influencers

Dani Fernandez Nazer

Fashion Designer & Influencer

Tree Connections boutique represents celebrities, influencers and recognized professionals in their field who identify with the company’s vision, in addition to being recognized public figures with extraordinary skills in their field, they are excellent human beings and responsible professionals who contribute value to society. Tree Connections specializes in Hispanic talent based in the United States and Latin America.

One of the main objectives of Tree Connections is to advise and accompany talents on digital platforms, imparting a guide of good practices of use in terms of content, advertising, monetization and positioning.

Content Marketing Digital Campaigns

Tree Connections provides a reliable connection between talents and brands, we thoroughly understand the need and objective of the campaign and we strategically link talents that in addition to providing reach, will add value to the advertiser’s project.

For Tree Connections, the “how” is an important factor for the success of an advertising campaign, that’s why we developed the strategy of each project with high creative standards, always seeking the best way to convey the message to the right audience.

Brands that have trusted us.

Tree Connections is proud to introduce its sister company


Tree Connections is proud to present its sister company Welcome To Times Square, where we fulfill the dream of artists and brands to appear on the iconic screens of Times Square in New York City.

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Social Responsibility

Tree Connections in all its activities seeks to make the internet a better place, a digital ecosystem that provides truthful information and healthy entertainment to users and ensures that the content disseminated always has a positive impact on humanity, hence Tree Connections reserves the right to accept only talents and advertisers who identify with the values of the agency.

Tree Connections


Juanma Salazar


Andrés Fernández B.


Laura Malagon


Anniuska Pérez


Jordan Robles

Content Producer

Guillermo Gómez

Web developer

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